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week 1 Theme 

1. Have a wide, low base on split-sets and preparation for groundstroke 在分开设置和准备底线球时保持宽阔、低姿势

2. Can hit with stance with depth and direction 可以以深度和方向击球

3. Feet always moving during the point 比赛中脚步始终活动

4. Use Split step to quickly react to opponent’s shot, regardless or direction 使用分步来迅速应对对手的击球,无论方向如何

Week 3 Theme

1. Constant toss and make one out of two serve 持续进行抛球,两次中的一次发球

2. Proper serve motion 正确的发球动作

3. Continental grop on serve 发球时的大陆握持

4. Lands on front foot afters serve 发球后落在前脚上

5. Recover after serve 发球后恢复位置

Week 5 

1. Use Continental grip volley 使用大陆握持截击

2. Proper volley footwork and motion 正确的截击脚步和动作

3. And volley from net and Servie line 从网前和发球线截击

4. Can play one up one back double 可以进行一前一后的双打比赛

week 2 Theme

1. Develop topspin with forehand and backhand 用正手和反手发展上旋

2. Early Unit Turn with feet turn at 45 degrees 早期单元转向,脚转45度

3. Uses circular motion on backswing for forehand and back hand 用正手和反手的反拍进行圆形运动

4. Good form on forehand and backhand, backswing, contact point, extension  and follow through 正手和反手的良好姿势,反拍、接触点、伸展和跟进

Week 4 

1. Can use forehand to dictate play from different areas of court 可以利用正手从球场不同区域控制比赛

2. Combines height, spin  and speed to keep opponent deep in court 结合高度、旋转和速度使对手在场地深处

3. Adjust  backswing according to type of shot being hit 根据击球类型调整反拍

Week 6

1.  Understand court etiquette during match play 了解比赛过程中的球场礼仪

2. Change speed of rallies for offense and defense 根据进攻和防守改变比赛节奏

3. Learn to recognize opponent “ weakness” 学会识别对手的“弱点”

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