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 Coach Yunjiao Shangguan


With an outstanding background as a 15 years of professional player and over 8 years of teaching experience, Shan brings both her passion and her expertise to the court, helping you believe & achieve!


  • Former provence team player, NTRP Rating 5.0

  • NCAA Intercollegiate Midwest Ranked Player. Single 7th, Doule 3rd     

  • Certified Professional Instructor By United States Professional Tennis Association

  • 8 Years of Coaching Experience

  • Have coached several girl's and boy's USTA Northern California ranked players 

  • 前四川省女子网球专业队队员, NTRP 5.0

  • NCAA 美国大学联盟中西部年终排名双打第三,单打第七

  • 美国职业网协注册专业级教练

  • 八年教学经验,现在执教数名北加州USTA女子和男子USTA 拥有排名的种子选手

About Coach Tracy




前Colorado State University D1 网球运动员

Troy University (Division 1 tennis)

● Women’s Tennis Sunbelt All-Conference First Team Doubles Award (2019).

● 5th Mercer Bear Gridiron Classic Singles Runner Up (2018).

● Represented Troy in playing number 1 doubles and number 3 singles.


Colorado State University (Division 1 tennis)

● Mountain West All-Conference First Team Doubles Award (2021).

● 2021 Bedford Cup Singles Runner up (AirForce Academy).

● Represented CSU in playing number 1 doubles and number 3 singles.


U16 Nike杯 全国比赛大连站单打亚军

U16 Nike杯 全国比赛杨凌站双打冠军

U16 全国比赛年终排名双打第4,双打第5



2020,2021年在CPAC 网球俱乐部当专业网球教练

About Coach Blake 



Blake Smith

Professional instructor

  • Started playing tennis at the age of 4 and played competitively in Northern California with a few National tournaments through the age of 18. 

  • Started coaching during high school summers at a tennis camp in Palo Alto for kids. (2010-2014)

  • Coached at Mountain View Tennis for 2 years. (2019-2021)

  • Coached for 2 year so far at XYTennis and love the community! (2021-2022)

  • Continues to play tournaments regularly to improve as a coach and player. 


I love tennis and am always looking for the most efficient way of teaching others how to play! I am a positive person and as a coach I like to talk to students and learn about their goals with tennis and show them a simple path forward. I also pride myself on making lessons fun and keeping a good level of challenge for the student. 


I continue to train my own tennis and play tournaments which gives me a good understanding of what is required to win a match at most levels. 

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