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week 1 Theme 

Baseline Ground stroke including contact point in front, extension  groundstrokes, top spin 底线击球包括击球点前,前臂延伸

Big power steps vs small

adjustment steps 大步和小步调整

topspin under the ball 加上旋

height over the net 过网高度


Week 3 Theme

  • 1st Serve+ next shot attack/ 2nd Serve neutralize 一发以及一发后的击球/二发

  • 1st return middle& Deep一发接球中间球和深球

  • return cutting angle 接发减少角度往前迎上去

  • Powerful 1st Serve and 2 consistance serve with spin 大力量一发和旋转二


Week 5 

  • Volley 1st volley and 2nd volley 

  • Swing Volley 一拦河二拦

  • Continental grip drop shop 放小球

  • Slice, drive and drop shot mix

  • Overhead  削球,混淆上旋下旋改变节奏

  • Use continental Saving the shot 救球用大陆试

week 2 Theme


  • stance including open, semi-open, neutral stance and close stance 开放式,关闭,半开方式

  • footwork including crossover, forward pass the leg 移动包括交叉,开放式

  • Side to Side movement big power steps 左右移动大步换小步

  • Forward and and backward movment向前和向后移动

  • Speed and explosion 移动速度和启动

  • ​split setp and first explosion step分垫步

Week 4 

  • Develop power shot 加速球

  • transition and finish with volley 中场球和以网前结束

  • Bend the leg and uppder body posture 蹲腿

  • approach shot and finishing shot near the net 网前落地得分球

Mental Game 

  • Winning attitude 

  •  Body language 身体语言

  •  Breathing & relaxation 呼吸和放松

  • Play under pressure

  • Rituals 心理模式

  • Visualization 表象训练

  • Activation 激活

  •  Management of mistakes 失误管理

week 6-10 will repeat 

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